3 Essentials of Effective Teamwork

When your staff works together as a team, co-workers see the team’s game plan as a vehicle for everyone’s individual success. Employees are united socially as friends; united with buy-in to your minute-by-minute systems and processes; and united in feeling connected to your business model and vision.

As you begin to plan a staff retreat, keep in focus the three essentials of effective teamwork:

social cohesion, task cohesion and vision cohesion.


Social Cohesion: A Culture With Soul.

The social fabric of your operation—how well your staff gets along, the personal connectivity, friendships, commonalities, the satisfaction of the interpersonal dynamics—can strengthen the framework for your company and contribute to staff continuity. This ultimately impacts customer experience because the foundation of your business—the workplace environment, its energy and its people-centric dynamics—comprises the culture of your business. Company culture is an influential and fluid entity that represents who you are as a team, what you stand for, how you conduct yourselves and how you treat your clients. It will ultimately impact work quality, job satisfaction and enjoyment, and employee retention. It will also assist in defining your brand in the customers’ eyes.

While company culture is important to any business, in a service industry that exists to help people achieve their health, fitness and sporting goals, a positive and constructive culture is very influential. You cannot simply cross your fingers and leave social cohesion to chance, hoping that people, systems and processes will somehow unite spontaneously and autonomously.

Task Cohesion: A Finely Tuned Machine.

Without a compass for social cohesion and workplace culture, a business has no soul and, hence, little chance of survival. But equally important, especially as your business grows, is cohesion around tasks. Staff buy-in and adherence to systems, along with effective communication, process execution and workflow, are central, not only to success and profitability, but also to the ultimate brand experience at all customer and client touch-points. You desire a feel-good home with a big soul; however, you must also be a finely tuned machine executing processes precisely. And the good news is that the sharper your execution, the better your teamwork, the less frustrating and more enjoyable it is for everyone involved, and the more vibrant your culture becomes.

Vision Cohesion: The Big Picture.

Each of your employees needs to feel a strong personal connection with the company’s vision and purpose. Connections with co-workers and a belief in the impact the team aspires to make in the community will ignite initial efforts. But business is fluid—as are teams. Pausing to check whether your current-day business model, plan and objectives correlate with your core values and larger vision will help you define a clear roadmap for the journey ahead. Preventing or repairing gaps between people, processes and the company vision requires staff clarity of the vision; adjustments in infrastructure and workflow to enable a smooth path for staff efforts; positive and enthusiastic buy-in to any change required; and full understanding of how exactly each staff member’s role impacts vision achievement. There is much to orchestrate to obtain and sustain vision cohesion.

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