Why Use a Business Travel Management Company?

According to the Global Business Travel Association, U.S. business travel spend is expected to rise 6.6% in 2016 taking it to $289.8 billion for the year. International travel spend is expected to rise 12.5% to $36.7 billion. Will your company be contributing to this increase in 2016?

If you are traveling for business purposes or own a company with business travel needs, chances are you have enough to worry about. Why let the stress of travel planning and management get in the way of the regular demands of your job? Whether it’s for lower prices, stress-free travel or a great customer service experience, sometimes it just makes more sense to hire a travel management professional to do the heavy lifting of business travel for you and your company.

Check out the advantages laid out below if you need a little more persuading that working with a travel management company is the right decision for you.

Save Time

Time spent planning business trips means less time spent meeting with clients, selling new business and ultimately, getting your job done. Whether you have tons of business trips each year or just one, it’s no big surprise that hiring a travel management company can save you hours of research, comparison shopping and planning time.

Save Money

While oftentimes good deals can be found on travel websites, more times than not, because of their connections and industry relationships, travel agencies have access to better deals and special offers when planning a trip. They can help save your company money on flights, hotels and even rental cars.

Get a Better Value

If your travel company can’t save you money on a particular trip, oftentimes they can make your dollar go farther. You’ll spend the same amount of money but get a nicer trip or additional travel amenities (first class flight, anyone?!). Plus, you’ll get dedicated end-to-end support – before, during and after travel. Forget hold times and representatives who don’t know your name; we’re your person.

Travel Stress-Free

You’ve heard these dreaded words once and chances are you’ll probably hear them again: flight cancelled. If an emergency situation like this arises during your business travel, a travel agent can be a lifesaver. You can count on your agent to coordinate getting you or your employees on the next possible flight or count on them to suggest alternate routes.

Stop Worrying About Expense Management

In addition to the planning, expense management and reimbursement can be another huge travel burden for business owners. Some travel management companies can help you manage and report on travel expenses making reimbursement hassle free and helping you manage your company’s travel spend effectively.

Get Some Business Perks

A lot of agencies offer special services or VIP treatment to business travelers and companies that use their services. For example, some agencies offer company travel programs where employees of corporate accounts receive preferred pricing on vacations and personal travel. We know of one agency in particular (hint: it’s us) that offers this type of benefits program.

Hiring a business travel management company can only help your company travel program become more efficient and effective. Consider the time, money and stress savings associated with hiring an agent when you are planning your next business trip. If you are interested in hearing more about the services Thumbtack Worldwide Travel can offer your company, find our contact information here.

When it comes to making business travel easy, we're your secret weapon.